Frequently Asked Questions

Alamza is a manufacturer of spare parts for cars, bikes, and various machines, offering a comprehensive product line that includes overhead valve engine cylinder sleeves and other essential components.

Alamza Office in Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan.

Alamza's product range includes overhead valve engine cylinder sleeves, as well as a variety of other essential components necessary for the smooth operation of vehicles and machinery.

You can contact Alamza by phone at +92 303 0005606 or via email at contact@alamza.com.

Yes, Alamza's products are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of vehicles, bikes, and machinery, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

Yes, Alamza can provide customization options for certain products to meet specific requirements. Please contact them directly to discuss customization options.

Yes, Alamza is committed to manufacturing high-quality spare parts that meet industry standards and undergo rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure reliability and performance.

Yes, Alamza can arrange international shipping for its products. Please reach out to them for more information on shipping options and costs.